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Label To Watch

Label To Watch

Alessandra De Leonardis is an expert insider of the fashion industry and founder of the Fuerteventura brand, an activewear label born in the 1990s that was a path opener at that time as it added performance, color and sexiness to sports apparel in days when it used to be shapeless, anonymously unisex and greyish.

The entrepreneur and designer has recently founded a new brand Back2You, a women's essential functional, multipurpose and sustainable collection she calls “biodynamic” as it is added with a special technology based upon bioceramic fibers.

Each product of the collection is added with Innershape, a technology that uses innovative yarns supposed to interact with those who wear it. These fibers embed a FIR (Far Infrared Ray) technology that helps protect from ultraviolet rays and from polluting agents. They also insulate from cold and help lower body temperature. Along with it they also help increase microcirculation and help eliminate toxins. Such properties resist washing and last for the garments' whole life.

Back2You is produced according to sustainable criteria as no natural resources are exploited for its manufacturing. All stages of processing preserve the environment and are certified against the use of harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100, while also respecting EU REACH, ZDHC, along with being Bluesign-approved. It also uses low environmental impact dyeing processes that are Global Organic Textile Standard 4.0 certified. Its packaging is eco-friendly, free of toxic agents and produced using renewable energy certified by BRC, Ecol360° and Dolomiti Clean Energy. The collection offers apparel, underwear and accessories. Retail prices range from €25 to €200.

As part of the brand's offer two new projects were also added recently. One is Back2UP-cycle, a collection made with pre-consumer fabrics, exceeding materials and accessories from production. Therefore pieces from this selection are made according to limited edition quantities and material mixes.

The other project is Back2RE-born, a selection made by women artisans who readapt and recover second choice items that would otherwise be thrown away as not perfect according standards requested by regular retail channels.

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