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Back2You products once in contact with the skin
they become the custodians of our energy and protect us like a hug
loving. The fabrics are the result of careful research that guarantees their quality
softness and quality. They don't get out of shape, they don't pill, they don't leak
elasticity and do not tear, but need some attention as for
achieve these standards Innershape® textile technology uses yarns
very thin. All the parts that compose them: fabrics, elastics, thread for
seams, are dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and nickel-free,
thiuram and anything that may cause common allergic reactions.
They are created to last over time, promoting your well-being as they accompany you
your days with their bio-active action. They do not lose effectiveness or with
use or washes and to keep them at their best you just need to follow
some simple tips since they basically need the same care as you
dedicate to the things we love: delicacy and attention.