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About Us. Un piccolo racconto di Noi

About Us. A little story about us

We are Alessandra and Micol, founders of Back2You.
You who follow us know that in every product we put our ideas, our passion and the desire to share with other women our values ​​of durability, attention to waste, achievement of real results, freedom from illusions.

We are what we believe in and we express it in our work.

Back2You is designed by women for women and we are convinced that that female ability to delicately enter into things to make them better must always accompany us women in every gesture to make us perceive our strength and never make us feel alone.

We are happy that you are part of our community and we are even more happy when we hear your voice through comments, reviews, sharing on social media... we feel like we see you and it's like walking a little bit of the road together.

Let's stay close and tell us what you would like us to know.

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