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Back2A-gain un nuovo inizio

Back2A-gain a new beginning

Sustainability and taking care of ourselves

Back2A-gain: the new collection with a heart that beats in tune with our planet.

Back2You is back with a new limited collection attentive to sustainability: we are talking about Back2A-gain, a capsule collection whose watchwords are recovery, reuse and attention to the environment.

Since its inception, Back2You has always been concerned with creating product lines that are in tune with respect for our planet, but it still didn't seem like enough to us. We wanted to give substance to our principles of eco-sustainability by taking a further step, creating an entire capsule collection, Back2A-gain, which is careful to avoid waste and which encourages the recovery and reuse of material usually considered unusable.
Back2A-gain was born with two distinct objectives:
Back2Re-born which aims to recover garments with small defects that the "fast fashion" consumerism industry would consider waste, and Back2Up-cycle which uses the meters and rolls of excess fabric from our high-end production lines which would normally remain unused in warehouses.

Back2You has decided to contribute to safeguarding the planet by giving defective garments and redundant fabrics a second chance thanks to the loving and expert work of our artisans armed with needle and thread.

The hands of these skilled artists in the sector have given life to practical clothes suitable for everyday use: from The Tracksuit, the tracksuit for even the most intense physical activities, to sweatshirts and suits such as Re Angel and RE Lax Suits which guarantee comfort and heat in the home environment.
We haven't even neglected more casual fashion, creating garments like The Manta, a cape that leaves room for your creativity to wear it in multiple ways, or The Twist&Scarf, a warm and soft scarf to wear every day in the way you prefer.

Back2A-gain is the creative and innovative response towards not only production, but also more responsible consumption of raw materials which helps to reduce the problem of waste accumulation and resource disposal.

If you are also someone who pays attention to the sustainability of what you wear, why not try the items from the new collection and thus reciprocate a little of the love and care that our Earth has always reserved for us?
Back2A-gain is the collection that has a heart that beats to the rhythm of our planet's breathing. Discover the limited items on our website!

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