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In this space dedicated to us, you can write to me or book a consultation to ask me for advice on the use of the products, study your tailor-made protocol together and simply get to know each other and exchange ideas.

I've never been a victim of fashion

I grew up in it, and therefore for me transforming what was already there into something new has always been natural.

Childhood memories are full of moments spent in the Atelier leafing through sketches and fashion magazines to inspire me to assemble clothes for the dolls with scraps fished out of the scraps of the fabrics which, under the expert hands of the workers, were transformed into fairytale dresses. The Atelier was that of my aunt, a beautiful and ingenious woman, who in the 1960s boasted an exclusive clientele and collaborated with the Fontana Sisters.

Then I grew up

The "things of life" have messed up my projects and put me in front of the need to invent my job. Thus, with the very few means I had, my shop-home was born in which everything was for sale, with the help of the splendid craftsmen I met during my on-the-road student trips, I had dresses made to my design, small furniture, accessories; all unique and innovative pieces given that the style of my design stripped them of the folk value, enhancing the intrinsic value of manual skill and raw materials.

Precious embroideries on recycled material, adaptations of tribal fabrics on trendy cuts, original applications on furniture and accessories. A real beauty!


The meeting

What would become my husband made me leave for a new project. He comes from a family that has been a leader in the duvet for years, his mother's company even dressed Pope Carol Wojtyla when in July 1984 he celebrated the famous mass on the glacier as well as being a regular sponsor of the crazy Kilometer champions Launched. When we met he was about to start with a new project linked to the world of sports which in those years were beginning to leave the competitive arena to become a lifestyle for everyone. I heard the bells and married both him and the project. Here began the adventure that led me to discover a completely new and fascinating sector in the world of textiles.


The advanced yarn industries were taking their first steps

It was exhilarating to experiment with them the first microfibres, the high-performance, breathable yarns, the continuous innovations that would become the future of fashion. The idea was to free sportswear from the dullness of the old gyms, eliminate shapeless t-shirts and shapeless shorts and create a line of pure fashion dedicated to sporting life, thus what was born was the first brand of fitness on the market: FuerteVentura.


Sartorial origins

I worked following the lines of the body and created sinuous and ergonomic pieces, endowed with an irresistibly fashionable appearance and absolute functionality while remaining comfortable and breathable thanks to well-concealed expedients in the shapes and the use of all the novelties that gradually appeared in the world of "technical" fabrics from the first yarns enriched with Lycra to the new microfibres; dyeing everything with energetic colors and declining, often well in advance, all the new fashion and lifestyle trends. I never forget the time I presented the no gender collection to the sales force in which I applied the wearability logic of women's garments to develop a unisex (that was what it was called at the time) that finally didn't rage with the harmony of the bodies but at the on the contrary, it exalted the lines…you can imagine the welcome from that audience which certainly didn't shine for its search for experimentation, unlike our consumers who waited for the new products every season and who were my point of reference for always daring to do something new .


The FuerteVentura collections have been unique on the market

It has been like this for years, clothing worn by advanced consumers and by many protagonists of the entertainment world.

Then the time came to evolve, the crisis froze the market, there was the invasion of fast fashion brands and the consumer, with the many shops that closed, found himself unprepared to recognize quality and originality of goods.

I took a break dedicating myself to "growing" and reviewing priorities.

And here, in a perfect moment of serendipity, I heard from an acquaintance talking about this "genius" yarn that had just been launched on the market and I, always in search of the perfect dress, realized that the moment had arrived.


The birth of Back2You

Just like all things that have to happen. It has within it a strong, revolutionary, very current idea. Taking care of yourself, simply, without taking anything away from time, from daily activities. Just wear a piece of Back2You to give yourself the opportunity to protect yourself from external stress, to make the most of our resources, to maintain a constant feeling of well-being by perceiving our body pampered and reactivated.

The great thing is that this is within everyone's reach anytime, anywhere, because each of us deserves to reserve the same for ourselves

the care and tenderness devoted to precious things.

Loving yourself is good.