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“i nostri accessori in bioceramica per un vero sonno di bellezza”

Beauty tip: the pillowcase to always have beautiful curly hair and regenerate the skin of your face

If you have curly, frizzy and difficult to tame hair, you will have wondered at least once how to keep it hydrated, soft and with defined curls for a long time.

The solution is simple: sleep on it, or rather on a special pillowcase!

While we abandon ourselves to sleep imagining our hair arranged neatly around our face, they do nothing but get badly tangled to the point that in the morning the mirror, devoid of any regard for our princely nature, puts us in front of a head of curly, messy , frizzy and untamable hair.

What to do? At this point it's simple, just listen to the words of the mirror: -if you want to flaunt the most beautiful hair in the kingdom, you have to change your pillowcase... -

Here's the simple solution! Just replace the usual pillowcase with a soft bioceramic one.

Let your hair slide without creating friction and avoiding breaking it , making it frizzy and ruining the curls.

But I've heard of silk and you instead tell me bioceramics: what's the difference?

The fabric of bioceramic hair pillowcases is smooth as a feather , smoother than silk.

Bioceramic is a vegan fabric unlike silk.

Then there are other additional effects that a bioceramic hair pillowcase has.

For example, it does not absorb humidity and maintains natural hydration with the result that you wake up with naturally hydrated , softer hair .

It naturally promotes better microcirculation in the scalp, revitalizing the hair during the night's rest as if we were doing a beauty treatment every night.

Another feature of bioceramic pillowcases is the ability to thermoregulate, maintaining a pleasantly cool temperature in all seasons, ideal and necessary for better sleep.

The result? Beautiful hair, with little need to heavily touch up the styling.

And can I also treat facial skin?

The bioceramic pillowcase promotes a rejuvenating action night after night: by stimulating the vasodilation of the microcirculation it promotes a muscle-relaxing action which induces an optimal condition for rest and sleep . The fabric does not create friction with the face, avoiding "sleep wrinkles" while the deep revitalization of the tissues promotes a repair action that counteracts the signs of aging .

If you choose the bioceramic pillowcase with the addition of copper, this also helps reduce irritation and skin rashes by preventing harmful bacteria and other organisms from proliferating: therefore it counteracts the onset of acne and inflammation .

You can find the bioceramic pillowcase in our online shop if you want to take a look!

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