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“il nostro intimo in bioceramica per contrastare la cellulite localizzata sui glutei"


Edemato-fibrosclerotic panniculopathy, i.e. cellulite , spares no one.

We all risk finding it on ourselves, especially on the legs and buttocks .

In fact, it is the result of various causes , such as poor tissue oxygenation, hormonal imbalances , deficits in microcirculatory flow which over time lead to damage to the adipose tissue and to the appearance of the skin.

There are no miracle "cures" for cellulite but we can consistently apply natural remedies, applied in synergy to reduce its effects.

We give you our personal list of 9 actions that we have tested and seen work if applied over time and consistently.

1) In the assortment of Back2You bioceramic leggings it is easy to find a model suitable for every occasion, this allows you to wear them during the day, during sporting activities, relaxation, sleep; a simple secret to get the best benefit is to make them an integral part of everyday clothing. Consistency is key.

2) MOVE MOVE MOVE . Practicing light sport is a sine qua non in the fight against cellulite. Yoga, pilates, walking, swimming, just choose. By practicing three times a week and in combination with the other precautions, the effects will not be long in coming.

3) In the evening before going to sleep let's get used to pampering our feet . We dedicate 10 minutes to a foot bath of warm water and salt followed by a massage .

Just before lying down, sitting on the bed, we massage our feet with a cream, an oil or even nothing. During the night, our legs will benefit from those few minutes dedicated to our feet.

4) Those who practice yoga already know, the reversed positions in which the lower limbs are raised are extremely valid for activating the microcirculation , so let's remember this during the day and when possible keep the legs raised, just a little time is enough and advantages are many.

5) During the day we drink a good organic purifying herbal tea based on burdock, horsetail or birch. Let us take advice from our trusted herbalist.

6) We favor foods that contain nutrients such as vitamins C and E , Omega Three fatty acids , carotenoids , flavonoids , probiotics and enzymes such as bromelain. You can eat without salt, you just need to get used to it. And if we really can't do it, we try to reduce the doses.

7) We learn to drink on an empty stomach in the morning and between meals. If we are fans of the legendary lemon water, rich in vitamin C, let's remember to wait at least 30 minutes before having breakfast.

8) If we don't want to give up the hot shower , let's do a little foil, we limit the time in which we are under water that is too hot and at the end we always pass the jet of cold water on the legs , if we can even on the whole body, otherwise at least on the legs it's already a great habit.

9) The scrub even with bicarbonate alone or the use of a horsehair glove is important not only to activate the microcirculation but also to allow our leggings to act more deeply.

The synergy of two or more of these things brings undoubted benefits , the effect is amplified exponentially when we no longer need to impose them because they are no longer sporadic remedies but good daily habits that are part of our ability to love each other dedicating gestures of love to us.

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