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Perché spendere di più? Ascolta le tue gambe!

Why spend more? Listen to your legs!

We launched our first collection in 2012 and there are many of us who still wear items from that launch: back2you leggings really last !

With back2you leggings you can ensure years of intensive treatment to improve the well-being of your legs by stimulating the cells from the inside.

It is tested that the wavelength of the FIR ray generated by the bioceramic fabric of the back2you leggings penetrates up to 7 cm deep , stimulating the cells from within and activating a process of profound renewal and rejuvenation : more than most the professional machines of beauty salons and cosmetic products that have extremely limited penetration and remain mainly on the surface of the skin.

This is why our clinical tests demonstrate the effectiveness of Back2you leggings and by following the recommended protocol the results are effective and visible !

And imagine that by purchasing just one leggings you not only ensure years of treatments but at the same time you have a guarantee on all 4 factors that determine the effectiveness of a treatment: power, precision, coverage and duration.

Power: given by the FIR technology which penetrates up to 7 cm deep, stimulating the cells from within and activating a deep rejuvenation process.

Precision: the fabric completely envelops the body in the affected area, precisely ensuring that the entire area benefits from the treatment.

Coverage: Indicates the amount of skin covered by the effect of the FIR during the entire treatment and the coverage of a leggings guarantees a complete and uniform distribution of the ray over the entire surface of the skin.

Duration: the treatment time limited to a short period of time brings a temporary result and therefore ineffective in the long run while wearing leggings constantly triggers a continuous action under the surface of the skin to stimulate blood circulation , bring oxygen and nutrients to the cells, promote the removal of toxins and accelerate the production of new collagen .

Your legs know that the best investment you can make for them are Back2you leggings.

Why spend more?

Listen to your legs.

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