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When a diet makes you discover Love .

This sentence is the description in a nutshell of the contents of this book of mine.

And it exists because the passage, the adventure , the emotions that I experienced are so beautiful that they deserve to be shared as much as possible.

It speaks of liberation from chains , of discovery and rediscovery , of feelings , of passions , of rebirth .

From the moment I sensed that something profound in me was changing to when the book became ready to go to press, the person I was, or that life events had led me to be, became a memory and the new one was blossomed.

Stronger, freer, more aware, more like the little girl with the big eyes, long braids and irrepressible imagination that I had been and which seemed to have no place in the world.

And, yes, it is a book of different recipes , they are " free " recipes.

Free to be interpreted , free to be performed, free to be experienced , bitten , free to be shouted at .

And then there is the aspect of the diet understood in its authentic meaning as per ancient Greek medicine, i.e. the complex of life rules aimed at maintaining a state of health.

Happy transformation .

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