900 Essential Long Socks Anti-fatigue socks

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What it is?

Socks 80 Denari in long bioceramics to bring well-being and lightness to the legs starting from the foot!
Naturally antibacterials It is thermoregulant wearing long socks stimulates a constant sense of lightness It is freshness from the toe to the entire calf while caring for well-being with a powerful stimulating effect of microcirculation, exhausting, deflating.
This also induces the pleasant aesthetic effect are feet, ankles, calves where the biorevitalizing action of the tissue exerts a anti-aging treatment on the skin.


Technology bioceramics favors a better microcirculation, accelerating the cellular metabolism and favoring the thermoregulation.
This allows to stimulate the biological processes favoring a sensation of well being and improving the appearance of fabrics.
The socks are hypoallergenic and naturally antibacterial, which produces a series of positive effects related tohygiene e al well being as also ataestheticsIn fact, an improvement in the softness of the skin and calluses can be seen, over time the appearance of the nails will also tend to improve thanks to the more effective spraying of the nail bed.

Effect of Socks:

Draining action:
The frequency of the energy generated by the bioceramics involves the lymphatic system It is venous giving both superficial and deep drainage and giving a real sensation of lightness to the legs.
Wearing bioceramic socks therefore counteracts stagnation that causes swelling. Temperature Regulator Effects:
Thanks to bioceramics, the microcirculation Like this reactivated is able to spray the tissues more efficiently, this leads to a distribution of temperature uniform that conveys a sense of ideal well-being.
Skin Effects:
Thanks to the biorevitalizing treatment of the tissues, toxins are removed and oxygen is supplied to the cells.
In doing so it restores to the fabrics hydration deep, imperfections and signs of aging are reduced, obtaining a general improvement on the skin.

How Do Bioceramic Socks Work?

Wearing bioceramic socks is a good and healthy habit if you want to maintain an optimal state of well-being, starting with your toes.
Thanks to our technology, the advantages of bioceramics remain unchanged even after unlimited washings without the addition of other products.
The most effective way to see results?
Wear for at least 30 consecutive days, for a minimum of 6 hours a day!

it's the right one if...

You are looking for a progressive treatment-performance action on feet and calves with results that constantly improve over time and you want to forget swelling and tiredness in the extremities.

Fabric features:

Density 80 Denier
Certified yarns OEKO-TEX® standard 100
Certified dyes GOTS®
Raw materials and productions 100% MADE IN ITALY


Innershape Textile Technology
93% Bioceramic Polyamide 7% Elastane
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