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Back2You donna in gravidanza

Post pregnancy recovery with bioceramic leggings: the benefits for you

We know well that the post-pregnancy period is a dense, deep and complex period in the lives of us women.

While we may dream and desire to be pampered in a personal spa, we must face changes in our daily routine. And we would like to find time to exercise and regain tone. I'll give you some good news: you can start doing it without taking time away from anything else.


Wearing both the leggings and all the garments in the special Back2You bioceramic fabric to be able to give our body the intense, constant and absolutely natural treatment you desire.

I'll tell you how you could do it in your everyday routine:

Relieves swelling during walks : by wearing Back2You bioceramic leggings, you will be able to enjoy superior comfort during your walks with your little one. Thanks to the stimulation of the lymphatic system, leg swelling will be reduced, allowing you to move without discomfort.

While you are at home : bioceramic clothing promotes blood circulation thanks to body movement. In just a few minutes, by wearing these garments, the frequencies (FIR) that are created favor the development of endogenous heat throughout the body, this allows the lymphatic and venous system to be involved, stimulating vasodilation and counteracting the stagnation of liquids.

Overnight : Leggings work for you overnight creating ideal conditions for muscle tissue stimulation. Sleep will become a real weapon of beauty.

And so, without taking a single minute away from the busy and tender day, our body has a formidable ally to rediscover beauty and well-being in total naturalness and without stress.

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