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leggings per sport e palestra

Which gym leggings to choose?

Alessandra's advice for sportswear

Let's face it, after the summer break we can't wait to get back to the gym !
Old and new friends to meet, muscles that awaken, projects, progress and that extraordinary feeling that makes us feel "powerful" at the end of a well-done exercise.
So, since we like to make the right choices, not buy lightly, not waste or make purchases falling into the trap of the positioning of the famous brand or the "low" price , how do we choose the best leggings to accompany us in the hours dedicated to the gym?
There are many proposals for leggings for the gym and sports: where to start to find the one best suited to you?
I'm Alessandra and at the end of the 1980s I created the first line of gym clothing that combined sport with fashion. The advice I can give you is to choose based on the characteristics that a garment suitable for the gym must possess :

  • two-dimensional elasticity and tightness;
  • breathability;
  • antibacterial characteristics;
  • thermoregulating capacity;
  • non-toxicity of the components.

Elasticity of the fabric: does it accommodate movements?

Let's say that the first characteristic is easy to establish as it is enough to stretch the fabric in several directions to understand if that garment will be able to follow your movements. To evaluate its tightness we push the fabric with our fist, if it snaps back it has elasticity. necessary to maintain shape while avoiding unsightly "bags" on the knees.

Breathability for an anti-sweat and antibacterial effect

As regards breathability and antibacterial characteristics, if the garment can boast these peculiarities, they are certainly reported in the description and/or on the tags. If they are not mentioned, it is better to avoid purchasing them because no one likes keeping sweat on you and risking bad odors and it is not hygienic either.

Thermoregulation of the skin

Thermoregulating Capacity: this is a specification that only some fabrics have due to treatments or intrinsic as in the case of bioceramic fabric. The advantages are both protection from excessive cold and heat thanks to the ideal temperature created between the fabric and the skin and, in addition to the bioceramic fabric leggings, the uniform distribution of heat on all parts of the body covered by the fabric. To be clear, no cold thighs or fiery abdominals, but a widespread ideal temperature.

Non-toxicity of tissues

The discussion on non-toxicity is more complex although in the end it should be the characteristic to worry about the most given that these garments in which we move and sweat are in contact with our skin which absorbs everything that the fabrics release. Here it is important to be wary of low prices, read the label to find out the country of origin, and find out about the brand's environmental policies .
This means that if an item of clothing was produced at low cost in areas of the world where there are no laws that safeguard production processes, we allow toxic substances to penetrate through our skin and accumulate in our fabrics every time we wear it .

A plus for optimal training: “compressive” and bioceramic leggings

Do you want the best? There are high-performance leggings such as " compressive " ones which, by keeping the muscles well wrapped, facilitate recovery after intense effort and leggings in bioceramic fabric which, in addition to being breathable, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, thermoregulating, have the ability to biorevitalise the tissues in depth, promoting their oxygenation and increasing the intensity of exercise. To obtain the best result, bioceramic leggings should be worn a little before starting training so that the body reactivates in depth and the muscles are already well oxygenated, lactic acid stagnation will be reduced to a minimum and recovery will be much quicker.

If you want to take a look in the Back2You shop you can find the leggings that are right for you!

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