001 Essential Leggings

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What it is
This pair of leggings is a must-have.
It is the basic piece to build your personal anti-aging kit.
It is carefully crafted with a new technologic fabric able to actively interact with your body system.
It boosts your beauty and performance simply while wearing it.
It also keeps the temperature of the covered parts stable and homogeneous during movement and physical exercise.
Let me tell you a secret...
You don’t need to be practicing sport or have a sporty look to wear them out!
The essential and timeless design of these leggings is just a classic for your everyday outfit.
You can pair them with any shoe and look.
Just like a second skin, in the most essential of colors, it matches with everything!
- Bioceramic technology incorporated into the fabric
- Bioactive density 185 gr/sqm
- Slight containment effect
- Improves microcirculation throughout your legs
- Reduces muscle fatigue
- Thermoregulating effect
- Rebalances lactic acid
- Promotes muscle tone
- Facilitates cell regeneration
- Hydrates and firms the skin
- Intensive anti-cellulite effect
- Reduces the appearance of orange peel skin
*Results proven by official clinical tests
How it works
Easy peasy!
With Back2You you take care of your skin and your health simply by getting dressed and wearing your clothes!
Thanks to our technology, the benefits remain unchanged even after unlimited washes without adding other products.
Most efficient way to see results?
Wearing for at least 30 consecutive days, for a minimum of 6 hours a day!
Is it the one?
Just like love, you can feel it in your bones and on your skin when it’s the right one!
Do you want to take care of your body at any time of the day without stressing too much?
Do you feel a sense of fatigue and swelling in your legs?
Oh well… it might just be a match!

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