H02 Relaxing Anti-Aging Bioceramic Pillowcase

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What it is?

A Treatment Anti age and Intensive Wellness in one Pillowcase!
The fabric in bioceramics favors arejuvenating action night after night.
Bioceramics by stimulating vasodilation of the microcirculation favors an action muscle relaxant which induces an optimal condition for the rest and for the sleep.
The fabric smoother than silk it does not create any friction with the face, avoiding "sleep wrinkles" while the deep revitalization of the tissues promotes a repairing action that counteracts the signs of aging.
Sleeping on this pillowcase prevents dehydration induced by other types of fabric so the hair is more beautiful and dense in no time.
The relaxing action maintains a high level of well-being by promoting night rest.
The fabric helps maintain body temperature control helping to maintain a comfortable climate freshness optimal.
The pillowcase measures: 80cm x 50cm


This fabric gives a pleasant fresh effect while constant use brings the benefits of a treatment anti-age to face, neck and hair.
The relaxing action that induces greater relaxation during rest participates in inducing an improvement in mood.

Relaxing Anti-Aging Effect of the Pillowcase:

Relaxing effect:
The pillowcase in bioceramics reactivate the microcirculation, allowing the removal of toxins, this induces a muscle relaxant action that gives a real feeling of well-being.
Refreshing and Moisturizing effect
The pillowcase facilitates the maintenance of a situation of freshness.
The silky hand of the fabric prevents friction with the skin, avoiding "pillow wrinkles" upon waking.
The lack of hydrophilic characteristics of the fabric maintains the natural hydration of skin and hair.
In the morning the skin will be smooth and the hair will not be electrified and dull.
Effects on the skin:
Thanks to bioceramic technology, the pillowcase acts both on the surface and in depth.
This allows you to develop new ones cells who laugh compactness, at the same time it induces an increase in the production of collagen ed elastin thus giving greater tone and compactness.

How do Bioceramic pillowcases work?

You go to bed and the pillowcase will do the job by itself, you just need to rest!
Night after night, while our body undergoes a phase of deep regeneration, the pillowcase's relaxing and anti-aging treatment will take care of you, revitalizing skin and hair.
Thanks to the technology inherent in the fabrics, you will enjoy the benefits in taking care of your skin even after countless washes without the need to add additives.

it's the right one if...

Do you have very little time for yourself?
Taking advantage of the hours of sleep your time will be worth double.

Fabric features:

Density of bioceramics inside the fabric 185 gr/m2
Certified yarns OEKO-TEX® standard 100
Certified dyes GOTS®
Raw materials and productions 100% MADE IN ITALY


Innershape Textile Technology
91% Bioceramic Polyester 9% Elastan
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