836 Extraordinary Sarong

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What it is

Your Intensive Wellness Treatment to stop time, protect you and rejuvenate even during the holidays.
How? Whenever the Sarong is in contact with your body, the bioactive action induced by the tissue will promote better skin oxygenation by stimulating cellular repair.
For your beauty treatment, spread it out on the sunbed, drape it over your body, use it as much as you can!
It will help you protect yourself from photoaging and take advantage of the reactivating and regenerating effects of its bioactive technology.
92% PL BIOCERAMIC 8% EA To protect your skin, your Sarong and the environment avoid the use of spray products.

Let me tell you a secret…

Also use it as an after-sun: the bioactive action promotes a repairing effect, you can keep it on the skin after exposure to the sun, even all night.


- Bioceramic technology incorporated in the fabric
- SPF 50+
- Helps prevent imperfections and signs of aging
- Increases microcirculation
- Totally hypoallergenic, naturally antibacterial
- Facilitates cell regeneration
- Clinically tested*
- Hydrates and firms the skin
- Stimulates the production of collagen
- It hinders the formation of free radicals
 *Results proven by official clinical tests

How it works

Simple, you spread it out on the sunbed and you will have a beach towel that promotes greater skin oxygenation and a deep beneficial effect, you drape it around your body and it will be the companion of your holidays that takes care of your skin by protecting it and stimulating the anti- agening.

Is it the one?

Have you ever hoped that the sun would only bring you the benefits of a healthy glow and amber skin?
Now you can protect yourself, treat your skin and be glamorous at all times.

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