826 Essential High-Rise Shorts

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An intensive belly-butt-thigh treatment ... and an act of love for yourself!
It has a beneficial effect of freshness and protection from rubbing.
It increases muscle tone, promotes a firming and anti-cellulite action, keeping the skin soft and hydrated *.
The powerful antibacterial action of copper inside the gusset allows it to be used as a complementary natural method to combat skin irritation and post-epilation folliculitis.

Let me tell you a secret ...

Whatever you decide to wear, your High-rise shorts are so light and discreet that you can wear them perfectly underneath, so you can look glam while receiving the treatment your hips, tummy and thighs deserve!
It will be our secret!


- Bioceramics incorporated into the fabric
- Molded to slim the abdomen and hips
- Anti-inflammatory effect thanks to the copper ** contained in the gusset
- Promotes an increase in microcirculation
- Small cosmetic interventions helps to redensify the tissues
- It has a reducing, firming and anti-cellulite action
- Reduces the appearance of orange peel skin
- Promotes muscle tone
- Facilitates cell regeneration
- Thermoregulating effect
- Hydrates and firms the skin
- Flat seams
* Results tested by official clinical trials
** Warning: subjects with known contact allergy to copper are advised not to wear clothing with inserts of the aforementioned metal.
Yarns and fabrics certified against the use of harmful substances Oeko-Tex Standard 100.
Low environmental impact coloring certified GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD 4.0
Design, yarns, fabrics, accessories, 100% MADE IN ITALY

How does it work

Technology, comfort, durability.
Products made with INNERSHAPE® fabrics are the most effective.
The results are quick, visible, harmonious.
By simply wearing the garment constantly *, every day for at least 6 hours and for at least 30 consecutive days, an intense and gradual treatment is activated on the skin and fabrics with visible results in a few weeks and which improve over time.
* Results tested by official clinical trials

Is that right?

Are you an ALL OR NOTHING person?
If you like it, do not neglect any opportunity to take care of yourself: they are yours.
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