810Cu Comfy Panties

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A constant sensation of "caress", literally: a second skin that discreetly wraps the hips.
The culottes are practically invisible and the powerful antibacterial action of the copper * present in the gusset allows them to be used as a complementary natural method in skin irritations and to counteract irritation and post-epilation folliculitis.
A must for your look and for your daily intimate comfort.
* not to be used in subjects with contact allergies to copper
Let me tell you a secret ...
This will become your beauty secret.
Discreet but powerful, easy and at the same time super effective.
For every season and every occasion.
- Bioceramic technology incorporated in the fabric
- Increases microcirculation
- Totally hypoallergenic, naturally antibacterial
- Facilitates cell regeneration
-Cuprotherapeutic effect
- Flat seams
- Thermoregulating effect
- Hydrates and firms the skin *
Yarns and fabrics certified against the use of harmful substances Oeko-Tex Standard 100.
Low environmental impact coloring certified GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD 4.0
Design, yarns, fabrics, accessories, 100% MADE IN ITALY
How does it work
Easy, wearing these culottes will be your new healthy habit!
60 days of constant use are enough to obtain excellent results *.
Thanks to our technology, the benefits remain unchanged even after unlimited washes without the addition of additives.
* Results tested by official clinical trials
Is that right?
Do you need a cuddle?
Here it is! Invisible and delicate.
On a hundred and more different occasions, this will always be the best answer.