788 Mantella

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What it is
Spend this fall and winter enjoying the warmth of this soft cape created to be used in multiple ways.
Resistant and comfortable to wear in everyday clothing.
Soft on the skin to enjoy its warmth at home when you get comfortable on the sofa.
Let me tell you a secret…
This cape has a heart.
Back2You has always pursued the aim of making garments useful for daily well-being and lasting over time.
The fine flannel of this garment is one of our exclusive fabrics created to accompany you with its value and versatility.
In addition to being distinctive in texture and design, this garment is part of our Upcycling project born as a logical consequence of the conscious approach to design and production processes that has always been at the center of the Back2You philosophy.
Our choice is a logical and necessary step towards a more responsible clothing industry and is part of the founding principles that we put at the center during the construction of our brand.
- Soft technical flannel in a cotton blend.
- Brushed on both sides for soft warmth.
- Exclusive Back2You fabric.
- Resistant to washing.
- Warms without being heavy.
45% PC
10% EA
How it works
Wear it alone or in layers.
Show your style by inventing a new drapery every day.
Is it the one?
Do you want a garment with infinite resources to create new looks and add a warm cuddle to your moments of relaxation?
Are you attentive to safeguarding the planet's resources?
A love was born with this garment.