750 The Jumpsuit

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What it is

For home or away from home it is definitely our must have of our Upcycling project.
The soft cut and the side zip make this suit not just a simple item of clothing but a garment that in its simplicity becomes true elegance.

Let me tell you a secret ...

This garment has a heart, all the material used for the realization helps to avoid waste by using a resource that would be wasted.


- Soft technical flannel in a cotton blend.
- Brushed on both sides for soft warmth.
- Exclusive Back2You fabric.
- Resistant to washing.
- Warms without being heavy.
45% PC
10% EA

How does it work

Wear it alone or in layers.

Is that right?

Do you want a garment with infinite resources to create new looks and add a warm cuddle to your moments of relaxation?
Are you attentive to safeguarding the planet's resources?
A love was born with this garment.
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