724 RE Angel

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What's this

Let yourself be enveloped and warmed by our sweater, proposed in a limited edition with pastel colors to reflect a feeling of serenity and well-being.
Find your perfect color to always start the day with the right energy.

Let me tell you a secret ...

This garment has a soul, it is part of our Back2RE-born project that lovingly recovers those garments that have, even if imperceptible, a small defect that would condemn them to be labeled as "second choice".
From here, thanks to the skilled hands of a group of artisans and a work of scissors, needle, thread and passion, love and care make them reborn to new life as precious Unique Pieces.


- Soft technical flannel in a cotton blend.
- Brushed on both sides for soft warmth.
- Exclusive Back2You fabric.
- Resistant to washing.
- Warms without being heavy.
45% PC
10% EA

How does it work

The hands of our artisans have eliminated the parts that had some small defects.
If you find others you can repair them using the supplied mini needle and thread kit, patch them, embroider them, or leave them as they are.
Whatever your choice, wear them with pride to testify your participation in this project that revives precious garments that the consumer industry considers waste destined to increase the problem of resource disposal.

Show your love

A love was born between you who care about the protection of the planet's resources and this garment.
Show it by sharing your photos while wearing them.
Make your heart beat to the rhythm of our planet's breathing.
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