356 Key Rib Dress

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What's this

Facing the hottest heat in absolute freshness is possible thanks to this extraordinary dress.
Don't be fooled by the chic and timeless look, this model holds a simply brilliant secret, while its minimalist elegance makes it a timeless garment, the "cooling" technology makes it an "indispensable piece" for the hot season.
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Let me tell you a secret ...

You will no longer be able to do without its sensational performance, that's what happens!


- Heat activated dynamic cooling technology
- High sun screen
- Reduction of fabric temperature up to 4.5 °
- Absolute breathability
- Cooling is activated by rising body temperature and turned off when cooling is complete.

How does it work

You wear it and this dress, one of a kind thanks to its intrinsic technology, using your heat can activate a dynamic cooling, generating freshness.

Is that right?

Wear a terribly chic piece and experience the thrill of being surrounded by a cool breeze. What more could you want?
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