356 Soft Shaping and Refreshing Dress

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What it is?

This elegantly minimalist Dress holds a simply brilliant secret: technology bioceramics which optimizes the microcirculation increasing cellular metabolism and reducing the blemishes combined with technology Cooling Smart Temp which triggers an action of cooling down dynamic, lowering the temperature up to 2,5° C / 4,5° C.
This is a real anti-aging treatment.


Thanks to technology bioceramics, the microcirculation is significantly improved, favoring a greater cellular metabolism with a consequent reduction of blemishes.
With constant use the fabrics visibly improve.
Technology Cooling Smart Temp activates a dynamic cooling system that reduces the temperature by 2.5°C / 4.5°C as it heats up.

Modeling and Refreshing effect of the dress:

Firming Elasticizing Effect:
The activation of the microcirculation, thanks to the bioceramics, makes it possible to expel toxins and to bring oxygen to the cells.
This process, both superficially and deeply, allows the skin to produce new connective cells that give greater compactness.
Wearing this garment stimulates the production of collagen and elastin which give greater elasticity to the tissues.
Effects on the skin:
Thanks to its technology, which can biorevitalize the skin both on the surface and in depth, it counteracts the action of free radicals that accelerate aging, stimulating cell regeneration.
Restores the correct hydration of the skin, visibly reducing the signs of aging and giving a pleasant sensation of dense and silky skin.
Refreshing effect:
Technology Cooling Smart Temp in the fabric is an innovative thermoregulation which, by decreasing the temperature by 2.5° C / 4.5° C, induces a sensation of freshness.
It activates when the body is warmed up to maintain a pleasant situation.

How does the refreshing bioceramic garment work?

This Cooling Bio-Ceramic Dress combines cooling technology Cooling Smart Temp and the bioceramics.
This allows you to combine the biorevitalizing and redensifying action of bioceramics with a cooling action when the body is hot.

it's the right one if...

If you dream of a touch of freshness while facing the most intense heat, then the right garment for you is this one that satisfies this desire while taking care of your skin.

Fabric features:

Ribbed fabric Density of bioceramics inside fabric 185 gr/m²
SPF High Sunscreen
Certified yarns OEKO-TEX® standard 100
Certified dyes GOTS®


Innershape Textile Technology
88% Bioceramic Polyester 12% Elastan
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