348 Shaping Vest Athletic Tank

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What it is?

This Tank top in fabric bioceramic is able to stimulate microcirculation and promote tissue regeneration.
Ideal for wrapping and stimulate the skin both in the newspaper and during sporting activity both in the gym and outdoors, it has a pleasant containing effect, perfect for model the bust.


Technology bioceramics, thanks to its regenerating effects on microcirculation, it is an excellent aid for strengthening the cellular metabolism and counter the blemishes.
A regular habit of using this product offers great benefits anti age in delicate areas of the body that need to toning It is firming up.

Shaping and Toning Effect of the Tank Top:

Firming Elasticizing Effect:
Thanks to bioceramic technology, the stimulation of microcirculation provides cells withoxygen necessary, promotes the elimination of toxins and, by promoting the formation of new connective cells, it makes the skin more compact.
Regular use of this product also helps stimulate the production of collagen ed elastin, increasing the elasticity of the tissues.
Effects on the skin:
The action revitalizing involves the tissues both on the surface and in depth, this counteracts the action of free radicals while restoring the right hydration of the skin giving it a pleasant sensation of softness and firmness. By making the signs of aging less visible, the skin appears younger, more compact and denser.

How does the Bioceramic Tank Top work?

This Tank Top takes care of the skin by stimulating the activation of a anti-aging process both deep and on the surface.
In fact, the bioceramic technology of the fabric promotes the overall well-being of the skin, maintaining its effects even after numerous washes, without the need to add additives.

it's the right one if...

You are looking for a garment that thanks to the thickness of the fabric shapes the bust and exerts an anti-aging action every time you wear it.

Fabric features:

Density of bioceramics inside the fabric 185 gr/m2
Shoulder pads in Bioceramics
Certified yarns OEKO-TEX® standard 100
Certified dyes GOTS®
Raw materials and productions 100% MADE IN ITALY


Innershape Textile Technology
84% Bioceramic Polyamide 16% Elastane
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