335 Refreshing Soft T-Shirt

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What it is?

A daily injection of freshness with the soft and refreshing jersey.
The very light fabric gives a fresh effect to all the covered parts.
It High Sunscreen protects from harmful sun rays, bioceramics promotes skin hydration.


This fabric gives a pleasant fresh effect while constant use brings the benefits of an action anti-age to all parts of the body covered such as shoulders, arm, abdomen.

Modeling and Toning Effect:

Firming Elasticizing Effect:
Skin contact stimulates the microcirculation and allows the skin to remove the toxins and to receive the necessary oxygen.
This promotes greater compactness.
Using this garment promotes the synthesis of collagen and of elastin which give more elasticity to the fabrics.
Effects on the skin:
Thanks to its technology, this shirt is able to counteract excessive heat while maintaining a pleasant sensation.
Furthermore, it restores the correct hydration of the skin, giving it a pleasant sensation of softness and firmness.

How do Bioceramic Meshes work?

With Back2You you can take care of your skin by protecting it from the outside and stimulating an anti-aging process inside.
Thanks to the technology inherent in the fabrics, you will enjoy the benefits in taking care of your skin even after countless washes without the need to add additives.
To maintain a constant feeling of well-being, simply wear your Back2You.

it's the right one if...

You want to feel fresh at any time of the day, the more you cover yourself the more you feel the freshness of the fabric!

Fabric features:

Density of bioceramics inside fabric 185 gr/m²
SPF High Sunscreen
Certified yarns OEKO-TEX® standard 100
Certified dyes GOTS®


Innershape Textile Technology
90% Bioceramic Polyester 10% Elastan
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