312 Essential Giada Modeling T-shirt

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What it is?

This Shaping Shirt, anti-aging, firming is the indispensable garment to protect and treat arm, l’abdomen, the shoulders, i flanks and also acts on wrinkles of the neck.
A complete and effective treatment, it can be worn as an elegant under-jacket or under turtleneck sweaters for a complete treatment as well as protection from low temperatures.
Do you like skiing? Is your favorite sweater not warming you enough?
Wearing this garment helps you maintain a constant feeling of well-being, reshaping and redensifying your body.


Technology bioceramics allows you to increase the microcirculation, resulting in increased cellular metabolism e decrease of the blemishes.
Regular use stimulates an effect firming on the fabrics favoring a treatment shaping.

Shaping and Toning Effect of the Shirts:

Firming Elasticizing Effect:
The bioceramics reactivate the microcirculation, allowing the removal of toxins and the oxygenation of the cells.
This process, both superficially and deeply, favors the formation of new connective cells that confer compactness to fabrics.
By wearing this garment, you can stimulate the production of collagen ed elastin which give greater elasticity to the skin.
Effects on the skin:
Thanks to its technology, which works both superficially and deeply, it counteractsaging of the skin, increasing cell turnover.
In this way, the fabrics are deeply hydrate yourself and the signs of aging are visibly reduced, giving a skin silky.

How do Bioceramic Meshes work?

With Back2You, take care of your skin and well-being simply by dressing up!
Our Innershape technology offers benefits that stay the same no matter how many washes you wash.
To see results, wear the garment for at least 30 consecutive days, for a minimum of 6 hours a day.

it's the right one if...

You have decided to take care of your skin without neglecting anything.
The full coverage of this garment will help you by favoring hers regenerating anti-aging action over a large and complete area.

Fabric features:

Density of bioceramics inside fabric 110 gr/m²
Certified yarns OEKO-TEX® standard 100
Certified dyes GOTS®
Raw materials and productions 100% MADE IN ITALY


Innershape Textile Technology
84% Bioceramic Polyamide 16% Elastane
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