106 Just a Sculpting Shaping Bra

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What it is?

The perfect fabric bra bioceramic able to stimulate microcirculation and promote tissue regeneration.
Modeled to support without forcing, in a soft embrace it takes care of a part of the body that needs attention and protection.
The deep neckline enhances femininity.


Technology bioceramics, thanks to its effects on microcirculation, is an excellent aid to revitalize the tissues and counteract the blemishes.
Regular use of this product offers great benefits anti age in delicate areas of the body that need support and firming.

Modeling and Toning Effect:

Firming Elasticizing Effect:
The bioceramics stimulates the production of collagen and of elastin favoring an increase in the elasticity of the tissues.
The increase of microcirculation allows to eliminate the toxins and bring the necessary oxygen to the cells.
Effects on the skin:
The action revitalizing involves the tissues both on the surface and in depth, making the signs of aging less visible, so the skin is younger, more compact and denser.
Bioceramics counteracts the action of free radicals and his action restores the righteous hydration of the skin giving it a pleasant sensation of softness and firmness.

How does the Bioceramic Bra work?

Wearing a bra with a revitalizing action on the tissues is the best choice for taking care of the beauty of the breast.
The skin is protected thanks to the capabilities refreshing It is antibacterial of the tissue and the deep action of the bioceramics is able to stimulate a process anti age from inside.
The technology contained in the fabrics offers benefits in terms of skin care, in a natural way, even after multiple washes, without the need to add additives.

it's the right one if...

If you too want a comfortable bra, supportive without constricting, easy to wear and that takes care of the beauty of your breasts, you just have to wear it.

Fabric features:

Density 100 Den
Certified yarns OEKO-TEX® standard 100
Certified dyes GOTS®
Raw materials and productions 100% MADE IN ITALY


Innershape Textile Technology
90% Bioceramic Polyamide 10% Elastane
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