106 Just a Sculpting Bra

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What it is

The perfect bra exists.
He wraps you taking care of the beauty of your breasts.

Let me tell you a secret…

The novelty is all in the bioactive tissue that interacts naturally with the body, improving cellular metabolism and skin elasticity.
The ultimate in comfort, support and versatility.


- Bioceramic technology incorporated in the fabric
- Improves microcirculation
- Promotes oxygenation of cells
- Hydrates and firms the skin
- Facilitates cell regeneration
- Hypoallergenic, naturally antibacterial
- Facilitates the elimination of toxins and free radicals
- Stimulates the exchange of liquids
- Promotes the production of collagen
- It hinders the formation of free radicals
Design, yarns, fabrics, accessories, 100% MADE IN ITALY

How it works

You wear it and he takes care of your skin and your health just by hugging you!
Thanks to our technology, the benefits remain unchanged even after unlimited washes without the addition of other products and additives.

Is it the one?

If you too want a comfortable bra, supportive without constricting, easy to wear and that takes care of the beauty of your breasts, you just have to wear it.

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