057 Essential Collants 50 Den

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What it is
50 denier tights in bioactive yarn!
Gives comfort and well-being to your legs while helping to improve the texture of the skin.
The action exerted on the whole leg starting from the foot, thanks to the effect induced by the bioactive yarn that stimulates microcirculation, promotes better thermoregulation while exercising a constant regenerating action.
Comfortable and elegant, perfect to always wear.
Promotes a younger looking legs without any discomfort or pressure.
Let me tell you a secret…
Use them in combination with the other Back2You leggings models, so you can give your legs the effectiveness of constant treatment.
- Bioceramic technology incorporated in the yarn
- 50 denier
- Thermoregulating effect
- Promotes the increase in microcirculation
- Hydrates and firms the skin
- Deflating and relaxing effect
- It hinders the formation of free radicals
How it works
Easy, wearing it will be your new healthy habit!
A constant use is enough to obtain excellent results.
Thanks to our yarns, the benefits remain unchanged even after unlimited washes.
Is it the one?
It fits like a glove without any pressure, looks good and will be your beauty secret under any outfit.
If you like a "second skin" feeling that accompanies your every move, well, it's yours!