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What it is
A belly-butt-thights-legs intensive treatment… and an act of love to yourself!
YES, you can both call it gym-buddy or whatever-buddy!
The powerful antibacterial action of copper within the fabric, allows it to be used as a complementary natural method to fight skin irritations, especially the ones due to vaginitis.
Also! The part on the back favors a balancing cupro therapy treatment.
Warning: it is advisable for subjects with confirmed contact allergy to copper not to wear these garments with inserts of the aforementioned metal.
Let me tell you a secret...
You don’t need to be into sport to wear them and enjoy the magical benefits.
A simple walk, an afternoon on the couch or a smart-working day will do the trick!
- Belly shaper effect
- Increases muscle tone
- Firming and anti-cellulite
- Clinically tested
- Flat seams
- Anti-inflammatory copper plug
- Intensive anti-cellulite fabric
- Thermoregulating effect
- Promotes the increase of microcirculation
- Stimulates metabolism
- Flattens and supports the abdomen
- Cupro-Therapeutic effect in sensitive areas
- Hydrates and firms the skin
*Results proven by official clinical tests
How it works
Technology, comfort, durability.
Leggings made with INNERSHAPE® fabric are the most effective.
The results are fast, visible, harmonious.
Simply by wearing the garment constantly, every day for at least 6 hours and for at least 30 consecutive days, an intense and gradual treatment is activated on the skin and tissues with visible results in a few weeks and which improve over time.
Is it the one?
Go big or go home?
If you like a more ‘compressor’ feel and you feel like your abdomen needs support and extra care: they’re yours.
Needless to say, are you into gym and sports?
Let me introduce you to your new best friend!
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