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What it is
H2U by Back2You is a bottle cover in bioceramic fabric that has the property of declustering water and, therefore, making it lighter.
If the water is heavy and calcareous, by declustering it with H2U, calcium and mineral salts are better absorbed.
Let me tell you a secret…
Yes… it’s also good for the planet!
- Optimizes all metabolic processes in our body
- Improves circulation
- Promotes the disappearance of skin problems
- Promotes the production of antioxidants
- Promotes the elimination of toxins, heavy metals and waste
- Optimizes tissue hydration
- Promotes the elimination of cellulite
- Reduces breathing difficulties
- Improves blood oxygenation
- Increases athletic performance
- Accelerates recovery after physical activity
- Reduces late muscle pain in athletes
- It has a thermoregulatory action
- Reduces allergies, improves asthma
- It has bacteriostatic action and a bacteriostatic effect
- Maximizes single cell health
- Reduces body acidity
- It has a rejuvenating action on the whole body
How it works
H2U can be used on both glass and plastic bottles, it needs about 10/15 minutes to act on the water at room temperature, once the decluster is removed the water remains declustered for about 30 minutes.
Is it the one?
Declustered water promotes diuresis and the elimination of toxins, it is excellent for the regularization of intestinal functions and contributes to a healthy balance that leads to the well-being and beauty of the skin and internal organs.

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