882 Essential Mini Manchette

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What it is
Your new hand treatment!
In the back area the fat part is already very thin and with age, lacking the necessary tissue support, the skin tends to thin, taking on a flattened and emptied appearance while the veins become more visible, as well as the tendons and bones.
The bioactive INNERSHAPE®️ fabric represents a small prodigy, an innovation never seen before in the textile way, soft and soft to the touch, thanks to the technology contained in it, it exerts both an internal and external action on your hands because in contact with the skin it induces an increase in the production of collagen, plumps the skin and at the same time exerts its action as a protective screen from harmful UVA and UVB rays, reducing the onset of spots and wrinkles.
The back of the hand is thus protected, the hand fresh, the skin hydrated.
Let me tell you a secret…
These gloves take care of the hands giving an additional touch of seduction...
- Bioceramic technology incorporated into the fabric - Clinically tested - Improves microcirculation - Thermoregulating effect - Facilitates cell regeneration - Hydrates and firms the skin *Results proven by official clinical tests
How it works
OUR ADVICE: Wear them during the day or during sleep for an intensive anti-aging effect!
Is it the one?
It is known that hands are the most faithful mirror of age.
Throughout the day they are constantly exposed to external agents and, even if you are scrupulous in using sunscreen creams, they are subject to discoloration and dark spots.
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