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“i nostri pantaloncini antisfregamento cosce in bioceramica”

Chafing of thighs: how to avoid it with bioceramic shorts

The rubbing of the thighs is certainly one of the unpleasant things of Summer, it is caused by the continuous friction between skin and skin , worsened by heat, sweat, saltiness, which is created during the walk.

Much more than annoying because in the long run it can cause redness, burning and irritation to the delicate skin of the thighs.

Luckily there are shorts designed specifically to eliminate these annoying summer chafing .

Just wear them under your clothes and the problem is solved, leaving us free to move safely throughout the day and beyond.

A compressive action is added on the stomach, hips and thighs which gives an immediate pleasant silhouette and, thanks to the bioceramics present in the fabric, they favor a modeling and draining action while helping to counteract the appearance of orange peel skin.

These anti-chafing shorts are an indispensable beauty treatment for our Summer suitable both for discreetly disappearing under dresses or loose-fitting T-shirts or for being worn as sporty pieces combined with tops and tank tops .

Whether you're running errands, working out or lounging in the sun these shorts offer the perfect blend of style and function .

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