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Leggings anticellulite in bioceramica di Back2you


We often wonder how to choose the best leggings advertised as anti-cellulite.
There are several anti-cellulite leggings on the market, we will explain what they are and what their functions are so that you can choose them with awareness.
For a few years now, in fact, a considerable number of leggings defined as "anti-cellulite" have been placed on the market with intrinsic characteristics and the most disparate results, let's try to shed some light on this highly sought-after accessory.
Skin tightening thanks to leggings can be achieved in different ways, some more natural than others:

  • sauna effect (loss of fluids)
  • fabric with micromassage (mechanical action)
  • cosmetotextiles (chemical action)
  • bioceramics (natural physical action)

Non-breathable leggings

Let's start with the "ancestors" that have been on the market for decades, they have evolved in appearance and communication but they are always products which, due to the non-breathable fabric, make you sweat while wearing them.
Sometimes they are made of neoprene and in any case they have an antiperspirant membrane because to all intents and purposes these are sauna-effect products that expel liquids in the form of sweat. Things to keep in mind are that these are liquids and only in the form of sweat. It follows that liquids are recovered as soon as you drink something.

Massaging leggings

Still in the context of the ancestors, a product that was very popular at the end of the last century has come back into vogue and has regained positions by modifying communication, these are massaging leggings which have a wave-effect texture inside with small reliefs that enclose smooth areas . This particular texture means that they perform a micromassage on the skin . Here we must consider that it is a mechanical action triggered by the movement that the body makes while wearing leggings. The micromassage is obtained with the body in movement, in the absence of the latter the action tends to be nullified.

Cosmetotextile leggings

Here then is the vast world of cosmetotextile which includes some leggings impregnated with microcapsules of various stimulating substances such as caffeine, vitamin E, lavender, sea derivatives etc... which the skin absorbs little by little, reaping the benefits depending on the substance used. The refills come in the form of sprays or ampoules. In the first case, just spray the product on the leggings trying to soak all the areas well, in the second the refill product must be diluted in water and the garments are recharged by immersion. The stimulating effect is due to the absorption of the cosmetic, therefore we are talking about a chemical action that is all the more effective the more refills are carried out since each wash drastically decreases the quantity of cosmetic. If you forget or reduce the refills too much over time, the leggings no longer perform any cosmetic function.

New generation anti-cellulite leggings

The new generation leggings, on the other hand, are those capable of activating an exchange with the body which induces a general well-being treatment with a consequent draining, reshaping and anti-cellulite effect. For example, these are bioceramic products which, by promoting the production of endogenous heat, stimulate an improvement in microcirculation and basal metabolism, resulting in good tissue drainage and a decrease in fat mass reserves.
Here we are faced with a physical action , which is absolutely natural and free of contraindications as it favors the reactivation of physiological processes.
It is known that general well-being and slimming come through circulation, therefore excellent results are achieved by wearing the garments in everyday life or during rest.
If you want to discover Back2you leggings with a firming and anti-cellulite action based on bioceramic fabric, browse the gallery below.

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